Heos app works but the on and off function not?

Hello, I have installed the heos app for my marantz AV. Everything works fine except the power button in the app. When I press I get a error. It is very strange because all the other functions work.

When i press on the ‘receiver icon’ in my device tab, the AV Will turn on and off. So its only the button in the app that is not working.

Can somebody help?


The on off button is the exact same button as pressing the device tile (device tile is even called “quick action”, as it makes you quickly use the on/off button).
Clicking the tile button start playing the HEOS speaker/AVR, so technically not turn it on, so it can be anything that is wrong.
But you aren’t telling a lot of information, what Homey, what Homey version, what app version, what is the error (without the telling the error it is saying your car doesn’t drive, and you came on your bicycle to the car shop).

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This is the extra information: homey pro 2023 version 11.0.0. App version: Here i have two Av’s, brand: marantz type cinema 50 and the sr 7012.

When installing it true homey it found the receivers directly. Everything works. Only the on and off button in the app is not responding.

When I push it in the left upper corner the red message comes: “not connected!”. The receivers both didnt react on that command. All the rest in the apps both the receivers response perfecly.

I have the same problem with my Marantz Cinema 40. It’s rather annoying because then you can’t use receiver status or power control in flows. But a little workaround is to add the receiver as an IR device also, then you can power on and off via infrared, but that shouldn’t be necessary.