Zone controle for my marantz AV possible?


I have a marantz SR 7012 AV. Is there a option to switch or trigger my second zone in the AV? In the marantz app this option was availlable but the app isn’t supported for Homey pro 2023.

In the heos app i didnt find this option witch is strange because the original heos app had this function.

This is my information:

homey pro 2023 version 11.0.0. App version:

Can somebody please help?


The ‘renewed’ heos app is aimed at heos devices, not on all functionality of a/v receivers with heos. Only basic functionality is available.
But afaik the heos app is still w.i.p., you can inform with @Caseda if it’s possible to add zone2 control.

thank you for the response! I will contact Caseda.

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You can also try the Denon AVR app. Denon and Marantz are basically the same. Don’t know if your receiver will work, but I have a Cinema 50 and it works like a charm.

Good luck!


That is a very good suggestion! I Will try that!

Thank you!