Help with washing mashine flow

Hello I would appreciate some help with this flow
It works but it gives notifications regardless if the machine is running or not. The are a bit random but comes in groups of 3-4 withe 4-5 minutes apart then it takes some time an hour or so then another 3-4.
When I wash it works great.

Sorry that I hade to cut the pic in 2

I cannot read the flow cards.
If you add the Google Translate extension to your browser, then it can show the cards in English

The rightmost card in second screenshot “Aktiverad är lika med ja” does not set the variable “aktiverad” to “ja”, it only checks whether it is “ja” or not.
Use “then” cards to change a variable, not “and”.

Instead of of using “Effekt är inte större än 5”, use “Effekt är mindre än 5”.

And, as Rrrr states, do use english in English forum. Or ask the question in the Swedish forum. :slight_smile:

I´m sorry about the swedish cards
And thx for helping
will try installing google translate :slight_smile: