Help with pump monitoring

Hello I wonder if anyone here has any suggestions on this I have a pump that I want to monitor, if the pump has not drawn any power for xx number of hours, I would like to receive an alarm about this. I have a device that registers when it turns on and starts I hope you understand what I mean

You’d have a device which can measure power and compatible with Homey.
With that you can use this flowcard.
The values are just example values:

Thanks for the answer but I don’t have that option in my sensor which is a “Shelly PM mini 16 A smart power meter” and to clarify my question it is a drain pump that starts with a level gauge in the pump. and if the pump has not been running for xx hours, I would like to be alerted to it in some way

Is there a homey app that supports the shelly pm 16?

Yes Shelly app does it, I have four Shelly PM mini 16 smart power meters in my system

Can’t it read the power?
Then its’s simpel.
Make a timer (countdown app)
start the timer with 43600 (4hours) Depends on the time you want to check)
every time power is up → stop timer → restart the timer with 4
3600 sec
If timer is empty → Give a warning

No, but the card I showed can be used for any Homey device.
You see it’s not a Shelly card, but a card from the