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Help with Hue, neo coolcam sensor and Homey

I have few hue color bulbs and I am struggling with a flow.

I want to change a color of a light bulb true a neo coolcam sensor and after 10 seconds I want it te go back to the colour it was and If the light was off go off again. ( for me like a notification that someone is walking in the sensor zone, but after the notification go back to the old situation)

There seems to be an option when I put the light bulb in the then section. I can choose there ‘‘time’’. I have tried this, the colour changes but after the past time the color doens’t change. It remains the colour it was.

Please help

Maybe this will help. I have a flow that fires off when the garagedoor sensor is triggered and my mailbox is full. In that case my outdoor lamp turns purple and blinks. When it is daylight the lamps go off and when it is dark the lamps turn white. In total 3 flows.


Thanks for you reply Marcel_Ubels

I will try it this weekend. Yesterday I also saw an update of hue (3.11). I saw something with power-on bavior. It can recover your light status by turning on or off or by power failure. I’m going to find out.
If there is anyone with tips, please share…