Help wanted: new device integration

Hello all,

I’m creator of Garadget - open source WiFi garage door controller.

I’ve got several requests from our customers who consider switching their home automation to Homey system and asked about adding its support to the growing list of Garadget integrations.

Our controller supports open and well documented oAuth/REST API and local MQTT protocol. Is anybody interested in helping develop Garadget integration for Homey?



I might be interested, i’ll send you a PM.


@prj32 @garadget @Richard_B has anyone attempted to use the existing particle app?

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This looks like a great start because Garadget uses Particle platform.
For an average consumer it would be preferred to use a Garadget specific integration so they don’t have to fill in the gaps like parsing of the messages and authentication.

The app I developed quite quickly. Use it for my own Photon devices, have quite a few - including one for controlling my garage door :wink:
I agree that for best end user experience it probably makes sense to have a custom app for Garadget.

There is one issue with the standard javascript library. For Events there is a known problem with not reconnecting after a network disconnect. I hope we can see that released in a not too distant future.

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Thanks for the info.
BTW: because Garadget is open source you can use all of its software with your own Photon modules:

Instructions for home-grown Garadget clone

Any progress @Jamie … been off the grid for a while with work.

If it communicates over MQTT you could allready control it with the MQTT apps for homey (Broker / Client and Hub)

@Satoer great recommendation. MQTT Broker and Client between Garadget controller and Homey works great. Much faster than IFTTT.


For others out there I am encountering some calibration issues with MQTT status message for opening the door given 2 messages (opening and open) are sent unlike only 1 with closing (close). If I explicitly filter open versus opening status with Flow logic it doesn’t seem to trap. Still fiddling, but 95% there.

Thanks again for the tip @Satoer and OOTB capability @garadget (Denis).