[Help needed] Trigger flow if weather forecast shows freezing

Hi all, been using Homey for quite a while now but the last days I’ve been stuck with this flow. So now I’m reaching out to the combined brain trust of you :wink:

In my house I have floor heating installed with heating thermostats from TADO. I really recommend those thermostats, but that’s a side story.

The thing with floor heating is that it is reacting very slow. I have 12-18 hours of delay when I change my temperature settings. This requires me to better foresee the coming weather for the next days. If freezing temperatures are coming, then I need to turn up my flor heating already before the temperature starts to drop.

Any idea how I could continually pull the coming forecast and spot if any days will be with freezing weather?

I use the app Current Weather for this.
There are many things you can use as a flow starter, for example if the rain has changed then…
But you can see this at this app.
I use it to determen if the solarscreen has to go out or not…


You can use Open Weather Map.
OWM has a weather forecast of up to 5 days. The use is free, but you have to register with OWM.


In the app you can then set a weather forecast in an interval of 3 hours (3 or 6 or 9 or 12 or 15 or 18 hours, etc. up to 5 days). Unfortunately only one setting is possible, but this should be enough for your needs.

For more information I recommend this post. It explains exactly what you have to do. Examples are also included.

If you still have questions, I will try to answer them.

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