Help needed in adding skylight to Homey

Hi, yesterday I installed a new skylight (Skylux iWindow3) on our roof, it is operated by a RF remote. According to the manual it can also be controlled by domotica systems, but I really have no clue how to do this.
I assume I need some kind of gateway with controllable pulse switches?

I hope you can help.

The cheapest solution would be a Sonoff 4CH Pro, because it has 4 potential-free relays that you can use to switch the four contacts. However, it’s not trivial to implement because you would need to flash the Tasmota firmware on the Sonoff device first, and set up Tasmota so it will send pulses (I think that Tasmota supports this feature, but not entirely sure).

If any of the above doesn’t make sense to you, you should probably ask someone to help you out :wink:

Thanks Robert for your reply.
I get what you mean, the only thing is I do not know how to flash the original and replace it with an other firmware. Can you (or someone else) point me in the direction of some resources?

The Tasmota docs can be found here:

Thanks, is this the way to flash the Sonoff:

Or maybe even better:

Thanks @robertklep for pointing me into a direction. In the meanwhile I did some research and found out there are two ways of flashing the device, over the air and wired, the last require some soldering. Therefore I bought the device, some jumper cables and a FTDI adaptor.
I also found several tutorials how to do this, can you advise me one?

I don’t know which ones you found?

I found this tutorial and installed Atom on my PC, when adding the Tasmota file into it, Atom froze and timed out over and over. Tried to remove Atom, restart PC, reinstall Atom and it froze and timed out again, even without adding the Tasmota file. I think somehow it is embedded in my machines registry and is not removed after I uninstalled Atom. Really a shame, this tutorial looked really promising. When I looked further I found a tutorial where something like EZflash is used, maybe this I can use this when I do not get Atom to work.

I don’t use either tool, I typically use on macOS to flash Tasmota. The official documentation might be worthwhile to check out.

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Wow, a lot of reading and learning is laying ahead of me :slight_smile:
As soon I get the opportunity, I’ll start the project.
Thanks @robertklep!

@robertklep, I read the article on github (witch was really helpful for sure!), watched some video explanations to flash the device and install Tasmota on the Sonoff. Now I reached the point of MQTT setup, I fount out you can build your own or get a cloud based MQTT. Building my own would be a great project but for that I have to dive in really deep. Maybe you can advise me a cloud based one?

You should probably just use the MQTT Broker app for Homey.

That’s it, nothing more needed?
Wich one do you mean?
MQTT broker of MQTT for Tasmota?

Yes, that’s it (as far as MQTT is concerned). You need the MQTT Broker app.

Once it’s up and running, you can point Tasmota’s MQTT configuration to the IP-address of your Homey.

Thanks @robertklep, I’ll give it a try.