Help for Pull Request FHEM App/Java

Hi all,

I would like to integrate my complete Rademacher Homepilot System per FHEM im Homey. The window coverings are working fine. But my problem, why I can’t integrate my System into Homey is, that the Sensor part of the FHEM app can’t read following states from my weather sensor:

Raining - yes/no
Wind - in m/s
Sun position - south/west/east
Brightness - in lux (lx)

I contacted vogon1 (app developer of the FHEM APP). He tells me, that this is possible, but he don’t have time to integrate this in a new multiple device type. He is open for Pull Requests.

Now the question to the Java Brains here: Can anyone help to integrate this per pull request?
I don’t know enough about Java to do it by my self. It would be so nice if one from here can do this!? :slight_smile: