Heatpump control by weather conditions - Weather from Yr.no

I tried Weather from Yr.no
from Bjørnar Almli.
Thank you @balmli - great job!
My idea is to have the heat pump run more intensively in the warm hours of the day to heat up the buffer.
#Temperature > “75%ile of range in next 24 hours”
Unfortunately there is a misconception about where to get the day’s or moving day’s min and max temperatures. #Min. temperature and #Max. temperature are changing all day and sometimes #temperature is below Min or above Max. can anyone tell me what Min and Max mean here?
I could try to calculate from 24 settings, but that seems to be some overkill.
Currently my flow looks like this ( I know its not the percentile, but it should fit for my needs ):

If someone knows more about useful control of heat pumps, I love corrections or different ideas. :heart:

Guess min. and max. daily temperatures are estimates from the „weatherman“ into the future and by no means calculated from historic values.
Have a look at „Weather by Open-Meteo“. This app provides weather forecasts. Maybe that helps.

Thank you @SinKT,
I never meant them bin calculated from historic values. But obviously min and max were neither the daily (today’s) figures, nor the next 24 hours. They were updated regularly and nevertheless and never the less the actual temperature was outside if the bound min and max.

So unfortunately a pure guess without knowing the logic or at least some figures does not help.

But thanks for the hint to open-meteo. There are only few flows. That’s why I put it aside. But now I guess it is really sufficient for my needs.