[APP][Pro] Weather from Yr.no

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast from Yr.no

Link to app store.


  • Install the Yr device. The default location will be the location of the Homey.
  • Go to settings to set the Period (now, +1 hour, +2 hours, etc…)
  • If necessary the location can be updated (longitude, latitude). The altitude will be set automatically, and can be fine-tuned afterwards.

Yr.no license:

This app uses weather data from Yr.no. See the license here: Licensing and Data Policy - Yr

The app is not created or endorsed in any way by Yr.no.

Release Notes:


  • New conditions for the weather situation for next hours and a period
  • New conditions for checking rain (mm/h) for next hours and a period
  • Fixed smaller issues


  • Adjustments for app store


  • Set the ID for Homey community


  • Initial release

Supert! Takk for denne :blush:

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Great initiative! I use the OpenWeather current and forecast app, but had some issues with current rain not being reported in this local region. It was fixed but it is now not raining here for months so I cant test :slight_smile:

However, I am testing now with YR.no. and for fun comparing Temperature between YR and both OW and my phone weather app. OWM is consistent with phone weather, but YR.no (“Now”) is not. See attached comparison.

I copied the exact coordinations and played with various altitudes, but could not improve the result. I also played with forecast+1 and +2. Any idea?

You can check the Yr app with it’s source from this link: https://www.yr.no/

They have great support. Here is their answer. Interesting how this works.

Yr forecasts.

Being a national service for Norway our main priorities are Norway, the Arctic region and the other Nordic countries. For these areas we use high resolution models (2.5 km) for short term forecasts and EC ensemble forecasts for medium range. We also do extensive post-processing/statistical corrections of the model output for these areas. This is being funded by the Norwegian government. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do this for the rest of the world.

For the rest of the world:

We use the EC-HRES model from ECMWF. It is described here:
Atmospheric Model high resolution 10-day forecast | ECMWF
This is the leading global weather forecasting model. However, the resolution of this model is currently 10 km (weather is calculated at points approx 10km apart). For areas with complex topography or intricate coastline many features are therefore not very well resolved. These weaknesses and limitations are both dependent on weather situations and where in the world they occur.

Temperature on Yr isn`t possible to change.