Heatmiser App

What has happened to this? It’s gone from the store so now Athom doesn’t support my heating system overnight and have removed the app?

Some very bad decisions being made recently it seems.

They also never got back to regarding adding a very basic Standby On/Off to this app as per the Heatmiser App, which means that part had to be done by IFTTT.

Why do Athom bother releasing their own specific apps if they stop supporting them or won’t improve them? Seems perhaps some better developers are needed.

Seen a few people asking for MySmartBlinds aka Tilt functionality as well, no response also from Athom.

Great shame.

Good question. I have the heatmiser app installed and it work perfectly till today.
I have a new zone in my house so i wanted to reinstall it (because it doenst get updated in homey)… but the app is gone.

Exactly the same.
No word from Athom despite it being an Athom app.

It is not in the App store, but it is still on Github, the reason is probably that it is not updated for SDK2 or SDK3. While your Homey is on V4.2 it must be possible to load it by CLI.

Yeah… i love the improvement off the API/SDK… but with all those major updates apps without backward compatibility app’s made by Athom are removed from the store…

And well. thats not the big problem… but please communicate in the store about the app. Something like: 'it’s currently not available due an update of the homey firmware. Our main focus is getting the firmware stable and in lets say end of 2020 the heatmiser app is back (or say it is never gonna be back).

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I understand your frustration and I think you are right, but this is a user forum, and Athom is mostly not reading this topics, so it’s better to complain to Athom directly. I’m also just a user of Homey, so I can only share your frustration, and give my advise.

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Yeah i know Athom is not reading this… but when an athom app goes offline, Athom can just add a simple comment on Github with the reason.

However, there is also a lot of good stuff with the Homey so i keep using it :slight_smile:

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Has anyone else had this email from Homey about Heatmiser?
We are currently rolling out Homey v5.0. It is packed with new features and improvements.

You are receiving this email because your Homey has one or multiple apps installed that will stop working on Homey v5.0. These Apps are based on a very old version of our software platform, which has been discontinued two years ago. these Apps are not supported on Homey v5.0 and above.

Right now, your Homey will not automatically update to Homey v5.0. However, if you have automatic updates enabled, your Homey will update to v5.0 one month from now.

To prevent Homey from automatically updating to v5.0, disable “Automatic Updates” in the Homey app on your smartphone, under More (…) > Settings > Updates. Alternatively, you can also check how much you are using the apps that are not compatible with Homey v5.0, and choose to update if the pros outweigh the cons for you.

The following apps on your Homey will not work with Homey v5.0:

Yeah athom basically decided to stop supporting Heatmiser and a few other apps a while back, I use Heatmiser for my heating system so it’s a massive issue for me. I won’t be spending further money with Athom and I’m looking to port elsewhere where apps don’t just get binned overnight.

Agreed it is very disappointing in terms of approach and attitude. I also use Heatmiser everywhere.

Even worse that Athom blame “another developer”…

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