Heating control

Needing some help to work thought the large number of thermostat options, as not finding what i want…maybe it does not exist.

Looking to built / fit a heating control system that is not too fancy and requires me to teach the family how to use it…they will rebel.

Want to control an existing combi boiler (s plan with 2 motorised valves, for heating and hoot water) using just a simple Fibaro relay and get set the target temperature using Markus King’s Homey Heating Scheduler, or something like that.

So need a simple thermostat device to stick on the wall and report current room temp, and be adjustable by the family if more comfort is required. Maybe by way of a boost button. That wil then report to Homey and Homey will open the magnetic heating valve as required.

Water is always on, so not really an issue for the control side.

Can’t seem to find a simple thermostat that can do that, so maybe have to go for one with timer / planner built in.

Any pointers ?

Perhaps I don’t get the full scope of your question…

Any smart thermostat that is supported by Homey will do what you want. Hang it in a room, the moment the actual temperature is below the requested temperatuur (setpoint), have it start a flow.The required temperature can be set by the App Homey Heating Schedule.(the thermostat is not physically connected to a heating system, it only serves as a interface)

I have a setup where the end user can set a required temperature in a thermostat via his phone. That triggers a virtual thermostat (another App). So, the same as you would like to do, but with a smart phone.

Or, hang a tablet on the wall and have the enduser see this:

Thanks that is good info and give me some ideas.

In Dutch I explained my system a bit more (here). Translated via Google:
My heating is a self-made zone system, in which Homey is the pivot.

I have an old house, in which two underfloor heating systems have been installed over the years. And, because a shower has also been added, a second boiler was added. A central thermostat that controls is currently not possible. The original ThemoSmart has been removed.

In my case I have:

temperature sensors in almost all rooms (Aqara zigbee or Aeotec z-wave)
I can turn the floor pumps on / off with smart plugs
I turn the CVs on / off with a Fibaro FGS-222 z-wave relay
there are 4 Eurotronic Spirit z-wave thermostatic valves for radiators
as “overflow”, two radiators are always fully open.
As Homey Apps I use:

Homey heating controller 10
Virtual Thermostat 1
Flows check whether there is a need for heat in a room (controlled by the App that has time schedules per room and also takes into account presence). If there is one, the relevant central heating will switch on and possibly an underfloor heating pump. For convenience, there are virtual thermostats per room that a user can adjust manually if the need arises.

If you were to purchase this as a starter system, you would not lose much extra money. After all, you don’t have to buy a smart thermostat, making the taps smart had to be done anyway and the (zigbee / aqara) temperature sensors are cheap. The most expensive was actually the two Fibaro FGS-222 relays that switch the boiler (s) potential-free. And Homey…: wink:
Because I “grew up to it” it turned out a bit more expensive …

Feel free tor ask me if you need more information.

Good luck!

Thanks, got some ideas and thing to plan now.