This app adds support for HDANYWHERE’s MHUB multiroom hdtv matrix systems.


Sometimes you’ll hear multiroom systems called HDMI over Cat 5e or 6 matrixes… but that’s a really ugly and unintuitive name, so we went with multiroom systems. Watch and control all your HDMI entertainment devices and set top boxes on multiple HDTVs simultaneously using a HDanywhere multiroom system.


With this app you can control the inputs and outputs, Send uControl commands (ir) to any input/output or use pronto hex to control your inputs/outputs connected devices.

Flow Cards:

  • Power On/Off Mhub system

  • Send uControl command’s

  • Send pronto HEX ir codes to any of the inputs/outputs.

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More of a personal question, but how do you find the HDanywhere products? They are very expensive here so am reluctant to try them on a job. Previously we used AVGear 44 and 88 matrix solutions which perform well and have used TCP over IP to control them.

I really like the system and It’s performing really well. I’m not familiar with any other HDMI matrix systems so comparing it would be difficult.

The things i think are great about the product is:

  • Control over all your connected devices through their uControl system.
    this is like a driver you install to control a connected device through IP, iR or CEC.
  • An API that can utilize all features including the uControl system.
  • ability to send pronto hex formated ir codes to any input/output.
  • ability to relay ir signals from destination to source.
  • ability to route any input to one or more outputs.
  • the receiving device is powered through UTP and thus no additional power cables are required.

I’m not sure if these features are anything special for a system like this but these are the top features i really like about the mhub. besides the features, the build quality is great and also their support is really good.

All in all i’m very happy with their product(s)

Hi Niels, does this work on Homey v1.5 ?

Dont worry, I had to update the firmware on the HDanywhere Hub first. Works like a charm now.
I created a virtual multi mode to allow switching of 4 inputs on a selected output. Works great.

How do you control your Hub, from Homey or Neeo remote? I was thinking it would be easier to just create a VD device via your Neeo App and add it to Neeo this way, rather than adding it directly to Neeo remote? How do you do it, or have you just added it both ways?

not sure if this is related to my V1.5 , but i do not have the power on/off options within the Flows.
I only have 3 actions, 1 set input/output, 2 Send Pronto Hex command, 3 Send Ucontrol Command


On my development NEEO I use both. But in my main solution i only use the Homey at this point. The plan is to move to NEEO there as its easyer with their uControl System.

Thats weird. I have no idea why that is. I’ll investigate and see what could cause that.

Which MHUB do you have? What do you think about their product?

have the 4*4 max matrix for testing atm. no different to any other basic matrix.
i’ll update one hub to 2.0 soon to test with and let you know the results.

Hi Niels.

I have the MHub U and the app installed on Homey but Homey does always say no devices has been found.

Homey and Mhub is at the same network.

Mhub has firmware 2.35 os 8.23

Is ot something i need to do ?