Have your coffee ready when you wake up?

I use Switchbot to turn the machine on. This happens either with a button or when Homey notices that someone is awake. I find it pleasant to find a machine that is ready for operation after getting up.

That I can relate to:-)

Switchbot; still a really crappy design.
The good one went bankrupt

If anyone is looking for a working automation for Moccamaster with Smartplug (that measures power) I have made below which works great. I charge the coffee machine in the evening and brewing can start when:

  • The alarm on the mobile phone rings (using Shortcuts app on iphone)
  • Presses a button next to the bed (NEXA 433 mhz remote)
  • Pressning button on smartplug
  • Activate in homey

Hmm, why so complex? :wink: Looked Your flows, and not noted the use of connected power meter.
In my home, i have a Empire Sweden’s percolator and a Fibaro’s smart plug. From logic side there are “watchers” for energy measurement and a boolean variable in controller.

  • IF energy usage goes more than 65W then the variable is set to “machine is brewing”
  • IF energy goes less than 60 AND “brewing” then clear “brewing” and trigger all coffee is ready actions

The variable is required, because machine is to smart - attempting to keep coffee warm (power usage fluctuates and triggers simple <60 actions multiple times).

Yes, of course there are multiple ways to switch on the coffeemaker; starting from button on Fibaro switch and ending with my favorite - Google voice command. It’s so pleasurable to open only one eye in morning and say - “Hey Google, switch on coffeemachine”. And after that stay in bed for additional ~5 minutes, listen the guggling and smell the fresh coffee aroma until lights come up and Google telling that “Your coffee is ready”.

PS. The nova-day’s coffee makers in EU must switch themself off after… was it 90 mins? So - for such usage, as i described - i was short the auto-off-power-switch (no big problem, because anyway the real switching was done by Fibaro). And for EU byerocracy i have a timer, started by “coffee ready” action, which one switches the switch (machine) off after 30 mins.

I did what @Undertaker did it seems…

I first considered opening up my Jura to see if I could somehow do something with ESPhome, or a Fibaro Smart implant. And then I remembered that when I try to solder it always becomes a mess, I hardly know how to program, I have never held a multimeter, and now I actually enjoy the ugly esthetic of the switch bots and bits. I have decided to kind of wear it like a cape that tells anybody walking into my kitchen that I am an out of control nerd. We rule.

This al started when I found out that when my Jura coffee maker is plugged into an outlet (without being switched on) was already drawing about 5 Watt. To eliminate that I used a Fibaro plug (drawing about half a Watt).

Then I was annoyed that my coffee routine in my smart home actually had gotten longer: from only pushing the power button, I now had to switch the plug on, and then the power.

Enter SwitchBot as it can push the power button for me. As I now had one ugly white wart, already, might as well have two - one for pushing the rinse button a little later as well.

But how to switch the whole thing off now? Press power, wait for rinse cycle to complete and then switch off the socket? No sir. Yet another contraption: a innr zigbee button on top.

To put a bow around it, I created an advanced virtual device (AVD) for the coffee maker that tells me if the device is on (plus shows the power draw of the fibaro plug), and it allows me to switch it on and off.

But not in the morning. I have setup tasker on my android phone to capture the dismissal of the alarm with the title ‘home alarm’ (to avoid switching on my coffee maker when not at home), send a webhook to homey to start the flow switch on the coffee machine, which switches on the fibaro plug, a second later tells switchbot to push the power button, wait for 90 seconds for the machine to heat up, then tells switchbot to push the rinse button.

When I walk into my kitchen I can immediately make myself a coffee. I managed to remember to empty the grounds, refill the beans and top up the water tank. If anyone has any suggestions to automate that bit, I am all ears.

[posted this because I enjoy homey so much as it empowers me to build automations that put a smile on my face every day]




Automating coffee is a nice idea. But please consider the safety concerns and how useful it actually is. For a dolche gusto the time saved is like what, 2 minutes? Compared to the risk of waking up to a puddle of water, perhaps a short circuited machine?

FYI: The excuse of a type of black drab you will get out of a “dolche gusto” is by no means comparable to the Ambrosia your average Jura will produce. End of discussion.

Short circuiting a ‘dolche gusto’ is not a risk, it is considered to be an act of mercy. For both the machine and it’s owner.


alas, unless you want to automate your super slow drip that needs 8 hours to prepare I feel the effort and risk is not worth it. For the record, I drink instant coffee with powder creamer and stevia. Your point is lost on me :smiley:

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Yeah, i have the EQ9 Plus, s700. Works very nicely.

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch a little tip Martijn:
If the device is turned on, flushes, and then turned off without being used, it will not flush the next time it’s turned on.

So, i flush it every evening by turning it off (if it’s not off yet), a minute later, turn it on and a few minutes later turn it off again.
This is done about 21:30.

When i goto bed, i place 1 or 2 cups beneath it. The next day when i wake up, the coffee machine is turned on and starts setting coffee, it will not flush first.


I using the Switch bot on my Jura E8 as well. Place the bot above the power button, however the button need more pressure to work. How did you solve this?

I know the problem. It’s not the pressure that matters. The E8 has a recessed button and the Swichbot doesn’t press deep enough.
Ask your wife for advice. Have her give you her can of shirt buttons. Find a button that is about the same size as the Jura’s power button (slightly smaller). Attach the shirt button to the power button of the Jura with Uhu Patafix.
Switchbot can now press the button lower. Time for coffee !

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Doesn’t it come with several arms?
Not promoting Tuya here :crazy_face:, but it seems to come with a ‘long’ straight arm as well

The Switchbot presses sideways and comes only a few millimetres below the housing. There are no different arms.


The switchbot is designed… poorly.

@Peter_Kawa : your second picture is the Tuya ‘Fingerbot’. Better design, but to my knowledge not supported (yet?)

No need for Tuya wifi devices to be supported, by using a little more effort:
You can use tap-to-run scenes to control it, also you can use Raw commands. Mixed or instead.
Raw command have the advantage it talks both ways.