[APP][Pro] Delonghi.Coffee

If you need help or have questions about the DeLonghi Coffee app. You are at the correct place ;0)

This app uses BLE to communicate with the coffee makers.
The following machines are currently supported:

  • Dinamica PLUS 370.95.T
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.95.S
  • Dinamica PLUS 376.95.S
  • Dinamica PLUS 376.95.T
  • Dinamica PLUS 3795.T
  • Dinamica PLUS 3795.S
  • Dinamica PLUS D9 T
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.95.TI
  • Dinamica PLUS D9 W
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.95.T
  • Dinamica PLUS 3795.T
  • Dinamica PLUS 3795.S
  • Dinamica PLUS 37095TI
  • Dinamica PLUS 372.95.TB
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.85.SB
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.85.B
  • Dinamica PLUS 370.85.SB
  • Maestosa
  • Maestosa CN
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.55.SB
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.55
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 556.55.SB
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 556.55.W
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 556.55.MS
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.55.W
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.65.SB
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.65.MS
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.65.W
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.75.MS
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 556.75.MS
  • PrimaDonna CLASS 550.85.MS
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 650.55 EX1
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 656.55
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 650.55
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 650.85.MS
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 656.85
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 650.85
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 656.85.MS
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 656.85 EX1
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 650.75.MS EX1
  • PrimaDonna ELITE 656.75.MS EX1
  • PrimaDonna S 510.55

These machines are using Ble and version 2 of the delonghi Ecam protocol.
Wifi enabled machines are using aylanetworks sdk, I currently don’t own a wifi enabled machine. But I am open to work together with somebody that can write code for it.

Functions in this app:


  • Turning the machine on

Beverage Functions

  • Brew two espressos
  • Brew an Americano coffee
  • Brew a regular coffee
  • Brew a long coffee
  • Brew a double espresso
  • Dispense hot water
  • Steam milk

Settings Functions

  • Turn off beep sound
  • Turn on beep sound
  • Turn off cup lighting
  • Turn on cup lighting

User Profile Functions

  • Select user profile 1
  • Select user profile 2
  • Select user profile 3
  • Select user profile 4
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…two years ago I was thinking to replace my 8 years old Delonghi cofee machine, exactly of that type :wink: Last weekend I repaired brew piston infuser on my ECAM model and I believe I will not test it still for some time. But it’s very nice to see such app !

Looking forward someone sharing his experience (with your app naturally !) .

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Hi all,
is there the possibility to link my DeLonghi Bluetooth machine to this app?
I have the DeLonghi Prodigio&Milk.
Type: EN270.SAE.


I don’t know if this kind of machine (bought in 2016) have the Version 2 of the DeLonghi Ecam protocol. Maybe is too old. Sorry for the question if so.

If you need more information, I’m here.

Thank you!

EDIT: before posting, i tried to link my machine to this app with each type of machine in your app but has not been identified.

Hi Abanti,

This machine is controlled by the nespresso app From the first look at it, it does not use a protocol that matches the delonghi protocol. What I see in the logs of the nespresso app.

Any plans to include " PrimaDonna Soul"?
PrimaDonna Soul (ECAM612.55.SB)

Hi Falkens,

This is a wifi connected machine, I don’t have one myself so I am out of luck on that part

I have a PrimadonnaSoul and could assist. What’s the current state? Did you already add the Wifi Node module or is it needed to start the driver from scratch?

aaaand now I see the app is BLE, I have to admit I didn’t read that (as carefully as I should have). I thought there was some kind of WIFI connection on these machines as well

Hi RonnyW

After decompiling the Delonghi app for Android I see there is also a local lan option for the wifi connection.
There is some initial discussion going on see DeLonghi Coffee Link Adapter · Issue #664 · ioBroker/AdapterRequests · GitHub for iobroker.

But that is using the cloud version if you want to look at the source code (which is somewhat readable decompile the 4.0.3 version of the android app apk this seems to have the most readable version of the code)
By looking at the code it must be possible to use the same V2 protocol bytes. But it stil uses AylaNetwork to do all the communication.

Hi, yes, Wifi would be best. I already took a look at the other implementations some months ago as I was searching for examples to create a app… If I remember right that was a kind of fake oAuth login.
Do you have the app code to check the Wifi version? I can send you my eMail as PM.

I have an issue with the application Delonghi Coffee on HomeyPro 2023. In the beginning, the application couldn’t find my express - DeLonghi PrimaDonna Class ECAM 550.65.SB - but after 5-6 tries it found. However, it won’t work at all, even turning on/off or anything. During connecting it didn’t ask me about the PIN for Bluetooth which is weird because using the official app on Android for Deleonghi requires a PIN.

Is anyone working on the app?


HomeyPro is still experiencing BLE issues. So until that is fixed in the homey core we have to wait. The pin is not used by the coffeemaker, it might be used in a functional way when changing settings. But not used for setting up the connection.
If you connect to the debugger you are likely to see the following error on homey pro 2023:
Method “Connect” with signature “” on interface “org.bluez.Device1” doesn’t exist

This is a known issue and till now not solved by the homey team

@j.tops Hi.

Thanks for the information.
Have you reported this bug somewhere?


I got a reply from the developers that they are working on a solution will ping them again.

Adrian had a written down a nice procedure on how to test this see:

it’s it possible to connect the prima donna soul ?

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Hi Mr Albert,

I don’t have access to a wifi connected machine so I am unable to start developing something for it. Seems the rest of the domotica hubs don’t support it so I have little to go on. So for now I don’t see it happening soon.

i have the machine can i help you ? it’s not only wifi but bluetooth as well

Bought the most amazing espresso machine and it has WIFI connectivity. The producer also has an application for Homey, but no support for the model? Have anyone been able to connect their Eletta Explore with Homey? How did you do it?

This is what the producer wrote about wifi enabled models

That is correct, basically there is not a single integration available for any of the big platforms like HA or iobroker for these machines. So all the work needs to be done from scratch and it will not be an easy task since there is no open cloud api and the direct communication is also based on certificates and requires a call back interface running on homey. So it might be the most amazing espresso machine, but it also is a pain to integrate ;0)