Is there already sombody who looked at een App for De'Longhi coffee machines

Is there already sombody who looked at een Homey App for De’Longhi coffee machines with bluetooth connection? If not than it will be my first try to make an app :slight_smile:

I tried searching on the forum but didn’t find anything with the name de’longhi or delonghi

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Then it isn’t there :wink:

At the moment i made the app work and connecting to the machine using bluetooth BLE. So far so good. But i can’t seem to find anything on the capabilities. Is there sombody that has example code for turning on and of a bluetooth device with a homey app?

You could take a peek here GitHub - nklerk/nl.nielsdeklerk.XiaomiYeelightCandela: Homey App for Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights.

Looks promising. thx @Peter_Kawa :ok_hand:

BLE doesn’t have a generic way of turning devices on or off. A BLE device might implement a certain well-known profile (for instance “health care” or “sports and fitness”), but it’s not a requirement. In my experience, a lot of manufacturers use their own (usually undocumented) way of controlling a device over BLE. So knowing how to switch a light will very likely not help you finding out how to switch a coffee machine.

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I understand, but looking at some example code makes a lot more sense than all the examples on the website. My De’longhi android app is able to switch on the machine. So i think it should be possible. Maybe i’m wrong but lets try :wink:

managed to find a solution? I would also like to take advantage

Unfortunately lacking the time. Connecting is no problem but as @robertklep stated. It’s looking for a needle in a haystack. Spring is comming so, automating my garden has more priority. Who knows I’ll find the time next autumn.

I would be interested i an app for DeLonghi WLAN coffee makers like Primadonna. I could create an app but don’t know about an (official?) API.

Maybe you can use a BlueTooth sniffer to find the commands: