Hao Deng Bluetooth / Wifi

Hello Comunity,

does any of you know “Hao Deng”?

It’s similar to Magig Home.

There are e.g. RGB Conttroller, RGB Led Spots.

These are connected to each other via Bluetooth mesh.
And integrated into the WiFi via a WiFi / bluetooth bridge and controllable via Alexaskill or Hao Deng App.

for example:
LED Einbaustrahler RGBWC Smart Home, W-Lan, Blutooth, GEYUEYA Home, Hao Deng App - YouTube

Hao Deng – Apps bei Google Play

Is it possible to control these devices, especially the Led Spots, via Homey?
Or could somebody develop a Homey app for this? :star_struck:

Thank you very much for any info / answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Vg Jojo

You could try Homey Community App Requests