Hank Tech App (v1.1.3 | TEST v1.3.1)

Hank Tech

This app adds support for Z-wave devices made by Hank Tech.


Hank Tech app at Athom apps

Hank Tech app Github repository

Supported devices:

Hank Scene controller 4 and 1 button version (HKZW-SCN04 & HKZW-SCN01)


With the Hank Scene controller it is possible control any other devices (including non-Zwave) or set states / variables via Homey’s flows.

The following triggers are supported:

  • Button Pressed 1x
  • Button held down
  • Button released
  • Any button pressed (including tokens)

The following conditions are supported:

  • Battery alarm activated | Battery in healthy condition

All commands will be send to Homey.
With this device it is possible to associate buttons to other devices to control them directly (without Homey).

Hank Door / Window sensor (HKZW-DWS01)


Door / Window sensor providing contact and tamper alarm.

Hank MultiSensor (HKZW-MS01)

MultiSensor providing motion, illumination, temperature and humidity data for Homey.

Hank Motion Sensor (HKZW-MS02)

Motion sensor providing motion alarm for Homey.

Hank Smart plug (HKZW-SO0x** )

Smart plug, including 2 USB ports, providing meter data as well as RGB led indication

Hank Flood sensor (HKZW-FLD01)


Flood Sensor providing flooding-, tamper- and heat-alarm and temperature data for Homey.

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Supported Z-wave regions:

  • Europe
  • U.S./Canada/Mexico


This app and driver development has been supported by:

  • Robbshop by providing a the devices for debugging:


Any requests please post them in the [Hank app topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack

If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Githubotherwise in the above mentioned topic.


If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution



  • Add missing productTypeID for the HKZW-MS02 see request


  • Add support for the Hank HKZW-RGB01 bulb (thanks to @caseda)
  • Add start-level and stop-level dim action cards for the Hank HKZW-RGB01 bulb
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.28



  • Add support for the new Hank motion sensor (HKZW-MS02)
  • Add support for the new Hank flood sensor (HKZW-FLD01)
  • Update meshdriver to 1.2.10


  • Fix issue with SCN01 flow card trigger


  • Add Homey community forum link
  • Update meshdriver to 1.2.8
  • Driver clean-up & SDK2 optimizations

Frequently Asked Questions:

For Hank Tech app

I just release a minor update of the Hank Tech app (v1.1.1) to the app store.



I’ve just updated the Hank app with support for the RGB bulb, including the start-level and stop-level change flow cards. It is currently awaiting app store approval.

version 1.1.2 is available in the app store

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Just added the motion sensor, but it just got added as general z-wave device with the message " no suitable Homey app could be found for this device. Device is added as basic z-wave device."
Tried both secured and unsecured adding with same result. I don’t see what other option I have…

Hi @OA2.0,

Can you show which ID’s (devices > node information) are shown when this device is added as Generic device?

Node ID: 15
Product type ID: 768
Product ID: 18
Firmware: 4608

So I guess (?) it is the HKZW-MS02 motion sensor… but likely not the EU region.

Product ID is equal to my (EU) sensor, firmware version also. Only Product type ID is different.

Yes, it’s the HKZW-MS02, but I don’t know if it’s for another region. There’s no indication for that on the box, manual or device.
Just “made in China”, but that doesn’t have to mean anything.

Will my device type be added eventually?
Or do I just have bad luck? :expressionless:

@TedTolboom, can you tell if my device will be added at some point?

@OA2.0 appologies for the late answer, yes

I’ve just uploaded the v1.1.3 version of the app to the app store (waiting for approval) that is supporting your device.

Credits to @bvdbos for the pull request

@TedTolboom Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

I have been able to add the device, but after a first successful test, the motion alarm doesn’t turn off again. I’ve tried to change settings, but that doesn’t help.

Do you have any experience with installing an app through the command line interface?

Yes, I know how to do that.
That is, I have followed the steps here: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/1448/how-to-cli-install-method, but then it fails upon installation. Which folder do I need to navigate to exactly before starting installation?

Hello, the app can not be found in the Homey app store with keyword ‘Hank’ but is available:

and I was able to install in on my Homey.

Does this app support the TechniSat HKZW-SCN04 ?

@HomeyBram Not sure; it looks like a rebranded Hank scene controller… likely it will use the same ID’s as the Hank device so then it will work. No guarantees though.

I have a strange issue. I have a 4 scene controller of Hank working fine and simple. But now I want to add a 1 scene controller of Hank. I can add the device and immediately it says battery full as message. But once push the button it says the battery is low and when i look at the device it goes from 0% to 1%. The button also beeps three times when pushed.

Because it is my second button I took the battery from the other (93% full) but the problem persist. Does anyone know an option or has seen this before? I excluded and included again and that goes very well. Till I press the button.