H2 pause all SONOS speakers?

I need a way to pause all SONOS speakers I have (>20). I started with a flow then an advanced flow, but they don’t scale well (when I add/remove speakers) . Surely a HomeyScript could loop through all devices, identify class “speaker” and even identify if it’s a SONOS speaker (on capability title/id) and finally pause it. Anyone know how to write this? Or is there a simpler solution?

You can use the Zet devices in Zone (oncluding subzones) flowcards from the Device Capabilities app.
Just on card can pause all sonos speakers.

Thank you for replying but I don’t understand. Can you maybe show an image of this?

Adv flow: When I select a “then…” clause, under “Home zone” I can only select individual zones OR “Turn {device type} on/off” (speakers are not a device type). I should probably be looking elsewhere?

You need to use the flowcard from the app: Device Capabilities.

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Btw, this card has a smart way of handling multiple devices, so you dont need delays or anything, it should switch all device serial /after-each-other very fastly.

Works like a charm: