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GU10 Z-wave plus


I have a garage with an Aeon Garage Door opener with Z-wave plus. My Homey can’t connect due to massiv concrete walls on the side and top. What I was thinking was to change one of the GU10 led above the garage door with Z-wave plus lamp.

However, I struggle to find a GU10 led that supports Z-wave plus. I find some on shady pages in Asia, but nothing that I think will work.

Anyone with experience?


@JohnS I think you are going to struggle to find a GU10 with Z-Wave built-in. As an alternative, would it be possible to place a Z-Wave Relay (on/off) module behind a switch on the wall?

Thanks for the quick reply. I will have to rethink how to contact it.

There should have been an outdoor antenna with ip66. Or a device with a sender/receiver, then a cable, and a sender/receiver. So you could have a receiver/sender outdoor, pull a cable into the garage and then have the receiver/sender indoor.