Google text to speech (tts)

Its now not only Google TTS to URL but the NEW Google Cloud TTS and i allready put in a lott of the options, like voice pciking (and there are way more then they old Google TTS), pitching, speed, SSML!!!

So lets hope that i may publish it…

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Any way I could get early access to test? :wink:

sure, PM me your mail and ill add you

Done! :grinning::+1:t2:

Oh wow, that sounds awesome!! Hope to see it soon :slight_smile:

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Seems its gonna be published any day now, i need to update my readme and stuff.
See you soon.

Allready made a topic, will be filling it later.
Google Services, new App for new Text-to-Speech for any device with speaker output and url input - Apps - Homey Community Forum (

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You could place it in the community app store if athom refuses it.

@Arie_J_Godschalk Would love to test it too if you like… :slight_smile:

sure PM your mail

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No, it seems the are gonna approve, just needed some small changes in readme mainly

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No, the default Google TTS is not setable, been trying to do that for years :wink:
Homey talks like a girl out of my smart watch with that Dutch female voice.

Same problem here, however broadcast does work on all speakers, only speakergroups do not work properly.

Since a few days Google TTS isn’t talking to us.
Read several posts from others on Facebook, but no one found the cause and the solution.

So I am hoping to find it here.

I have the same problem like @MichelS …Today I tried to make very simple flow (just trigger Google Nest Mini 2 to say “Hello”) but without response.

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The Homey app GoogleTTS has stopped working since a few days, no voice to Google Home mini and Google Nest mini, do more users also have problems with this? Or do I have to fix this locally? PTP and app reset and app reinstall already done.
I still can cast to these speakers.
On facebook also many complains.


Suddenly it works again :heart:

Lucky you, im still suffering from it, with deleting tts and chromecast from my homey now i even lost one of my speakers in homey… readding wont work “cant find new chromecastdevice” tts still gives just the pingsound on my other speaker

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Don’t think it’s a problem created by Homey/ app, but probably a google firmware update.

Maybe @denniedegroot can solve it?

Without any chance it stopped working again :face_with_head_bandage:

After many messages on FB groups I can say, but it’s not hard evidence:
It seems ziggo users experience more tts issues than kpn (v10) users.
I use the tts app since oct '20 without any hickups and several V10 users confirmed this.