Google Nest Mini 2 connection closed, trying to reconnect

Hello everyone.

I have Google Nest Mini 2 and sometimes it has icon with exclamation mark. It shows red text ‘‘connection closed, trying to reconnect’’. How can I fix it? Yea I can remove device and add it but after few hours it shows again that text.

All my favorite flows work. Google Nest reacts on my voice and do my routines…but I can’t for example set volume using Homeys flows because of connection problem.

Sometimes i have this problem too with my chromecasts,i made a flow who restart the app Homey Google chromecast every 4 hours ,works great for me

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thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. But how does the flow look like to restart the chromecast app?

First enable “power user” in “settings/experiments” . Then the cards for restarting an app appear.

First enable “power user” in “settings/experiments”

Thanks, that solved the problem.

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