Google maps app -> sdk4 update... Someone? Please?

Hi there,

It is such a pitty that the developer of the Google Maps app isn’t around anymore… This excellent app isn’t updated to the SDK4, and therefor not usable on the new Homey Pro. We are using this app every work day to tell us the live traffic situation from home to work. That way we know when to leave, and if there are abnormailities on the way to work. For that reason, I have to keep the new and old homey alive.

Isn’t there any way to get this app updated? Someone willing to take over the project…? Would be so greatly appreciated!

I already have started (a while ago) to implement google maps into the Google Services app.

Which methods/flowcards do you use?

Hello Ari

Thanks a lot for answering!

These are the flows used to get traffic info home->work:

Fetch data from Google maps:

Write data to homey variables:

Push info to phone notification:

Push info to Google Nest speaker:

I also have the same flowcards for work->home traffic.

If this could be done with your app too, I would be very grateful :wink:


please note SDK4 does not yet exist for Homey :wink:
Developers are still waiting for that…

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