(Google) fire alarm compatibility

Hi All,

I am currently looking into a new set of 3 fire alarms. The first option that came up was the Nest Protect V2 Firealarm / CO combi detector. I also purchased the Homey Pro sensor. Could anyone tell me if these are compatible and if not, what would be a better alternative?

Next to this, I hope to leverage the motion sensor of the fire alarm in the Homey Flow, such as turning on lights during the night based on the motion detected with the fire alarm.

Thanks for the help!

Can you be more clear? I don’t know about any Homey Pro Sensors
please link or show a picture of it.

the Nest Protect devices are not direct supported in Homey, nor in Homey Pro. I guess these are a bad Choice for that scenario Google Nest App for Homey | Homey

Using a extra Hub it is probably possible to use the Nest Protect Starling Home Hub App for Homey | Homey but you wil need an extra Starling-Home-Hub

Additional info: There’s a community app which supports Nest protect, but I’m not using it myself:

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Be aware that motion detection on Nest protect is only supported by wired versions, not on the battery ones.