Global variables vs. tags. in HomeyScript

The documentation at [Namespace: global - HomeyScript] is somewhat unclear regarding the persistence of global variables in HomeyScript.
Regarding functions get() and set() it is stated:
“Get a global value that’s accessible between HomeyScripts”
while in the case of tags (function tag()) we have:
Creates or updates a Flow Tag. These are persistent across reboots.
Does this mean that global variables are not persistent across reboots?

That’s correct.

Thank you, I was afraid of that.
It makes global variables less useful. My plan was to have one flow running once a day that calls a script that sets some variables, and another flow that runs each hour running a script that use these variables. That is not robust if the variables are not persistent. Have to find another, and more convoluted, solution then.

You can make the first script set a flow tag, and use that flow tag as an argument for the other script.

Instead of Global variables, you can use BeterLogic variables.