Giderwell & Hue

I have a Hue v2 setup around my house, had it for years now and its great. But I’m renovating my bedroom at the moment and installing led strips along the roof. I’ve done this successfully in the past in my kitchen with Hue strips and controllers.

But this time I’ve bought 3 x 240-12v 90w led drivers, 3 x giderwell zigbee controllers and 3 giderwell 12v 5m led strips. I’ve set it all up loosely to test and it works ok…but…after a few days, I go to turn on the bedroom lights and only the two hue bulbs come on. The three strips on the giderwell controllers are all unreachable. The green lights on the controllers are all on, and they have a permanent supply. I have to switch off the power to them at the switched fused spur and turn it back on to get them to work again.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening and why its happening to all 3 sets simultaneously? I don’t want to have to reset them every other day?

Ah ok, I thought this was just a site about smart homes, didn’t realise Homey was an actual product. Ok wrong site then, my bad.