Getting started stuff

Hi again.

Is there a getting started tutorial here or something? There are several things I’ve run into that might be covered already, but haven’t been able to locate a suitable thread.

These are things like:

  • How can I set the dimming level from the app without running a flow in test mode? Like, how can I set my bedroom lights to 0.45 instead of just on/off?
  • How can I control the different scenes in my harmony hub?
  • How can I set the lights relative to the time of day and have them continually dim/brighten according to time of day? But only the ones that are already lit?
  • How do I edit rooms?

I’m sure there’s plenty more once I start adding my zwave stuff, though, but hopefully some of these are already explained so I don’t have to be “that person” :wink:

Using a THEN card for a light there is also a option to set the brightness level.

Once installed the Harmony app, you can use a Harmony card in the THEN section to choose the Harmony scene you want to use.

Would not choose this option, because time always changes during the year. Your could use a sensor with the option to meassure the LUX level, to set the dim level. With the app ‘Zonnestanden’ you can set your lights according to the position of the sun.

No idea!

Thanks for your input.

It was actually quite simple. I tend to look for more complex answers, which makes me overlook the simple ones some times. On the devices tab, click the drop down at the top saying “devices”, then click the gear and you can edit, delete and add rooms :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, could not find this myself and yet it was so simple once you know it.