Generic ZWAVE Device - Door sensor - IM20-ZWAVE-EU

A collegae of mine purchased some random ZWAVE device from aliexpress, he uses a domotic system based on linux and has to code stuff himself.
He gave me a door sensor to test with in Homey, but as expected there isnt an APP for this device.
I managed to connect it to Homey but it showed up as a unknown device, triggers are only turned on or off but nothing happens.

there are settings I can adjust in the device info, but I have no idea what to put where.
BAsed on the manual (see image) anyone has a clue if its possible to use this sensor?

Indeed, when its not recognize its wil be added a unknown device and you can turn it on and off.

As you stated yourself there isnt a app for, so you need to build one by yourself or someother person. there is a nice topic for that on the forum.

Extra pic of manualtweede