Door sensors with external trigger circuits

Hoping someone can help me.

I recently purchased a Homey Pro and I have been trying to link it up to my Dakota Alert Re-4K wireless receiver by connecting the RE-4K relay output (NO, COM,NC) to the terminals on a door sensor that would be recognised by Honey. The Dakota receiver is triggered to play a sound by an outdoor motion sensing transmitter which is located at the gate on my driveway, well outside the range of my wi-fi or z-wave range to the Homey Pro.

I purchased a number of Schwaiger ZHS09 door sensor devices for this purpose. There are a number of example of the set-up I am proposing available online, but not with this exact model of device.

I only seem to be able to add this device to Homey Pro as a basic z-wave device and it is functioning correctly when using the magnet to trigger the sensor. The sensor does not trigger via the relay circuits. I have found one suggestion online (for a similar device) noting that the external circuit needs to be enabled by the controller. Regrettably, this option does not exist in the Homey when the device is added as a basic z-wave device.

So, I believe my options are as follows:

  1. find a way to add the device to Homey which has this option to enable the external circuit
  2. Find a different device which has external circuit option and is recognised by Homey.

I gather, but cannot be sure, that the ZHS09 is a rebranded sensor from another manufacturer e.g. Aeotec ZW074 or Vision ZD 2102-5. I have tried to add the Schwaiger ZHS09 device as one of these but each time it reverts to a basic device without the option to enable the external circuit.

Is there anyone here who has experience that could help me resolve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Just fyi: in the app store you can search for a supported brand or type prior to buying stuff:

Ok. I got this issue sorted.

FWIW, in case of use to anyone else:
Schwaiger ZHS09 is recognised by Homey Pro as Vision ZD2102-5. Then, in Homey device Advanced setting has an option to enable external trigger on the ZHS09. You then have to remove the cover and put it back (i.e. the tamper switch need to be triggered for the external relays on the device to be enabled).

A link to the spec of the device in case useful: