Generic catch for failed command and retry

Since the current stable firmware (2.0.5), I have no more issues with my z-wave devices (hurrah! :slight_smile: )

Or at least: Every now and then Homey fails to change the setting on one of my z-wave heating valves. When I try it again, it works. It only happens once every so often (about once every few weeks) so on it’s own it’s not that big a deal to me.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have Homey retry a failed command after a few seconds once (or twice). I know that Z-wave has this built in, but for some reason it doesn’t always suffice in my situation. Maybe through Homey script?

If that’s not the case, is there a way to have Homey send a push message, so I at least know that it failed. (A radiator valve that doesn’t change isn’t something that I normally notice directly :slight_smile: )

I tried looking for something, but I couldn’t find a ‘when card’ stating something like: ‘when a command fails’. Is there an app for that?