Garden watering

If you are referring to the black wire, it’s the connection from the flow meter to the value. It is the part of the G2 that makes it different to the G1.

ok, is it an option or is it sell with the G2 ?

It’s standard on the G2 so comes as part of the package.

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Just take a look at Amazon. In the pictures you can see the flow meter.
If you want to order a Linktap, take the new G2S version. In addition to G2 it has the button for manual control at the valve.

For the first one you need de combination of Valve and Hub.

Any additional valve you can order as standalone version without the hub.

The G2S is new and not available for all countries yet.

OK, thanks. no problem we find the G2S on Just a thought … we have to go through the Linktap gateway, so what’s the point of connecting to the valve via Homey? Is it as simple and complete to program via Homey rather than from the Android Linktap app? Can we access weather information (like on the Android Linktap app) and how?

The Homey app is not as comprehensive as the LinkTap app. When I bought my first LinkTap, it was because it had a public API which meant I could integrate it with Homey. But it was so good standalone that it took me nearly 2 years to get around to it :slight_smile:
The advantage of having it in Homey is I can start extra watering based on my weather station data which is more accurate than any forecast. So if the rain skip kicked in because of forecast rain but the rain missed my garden, I can add in an cycle.

My LinkTap is new, so I couldn’t make experiments yet.
For me, Linktap app is good for defining automatic watering plans.
The HomeyApp is nice for instant on/off and changing/activating modes.
I live in an area where promised rain mostly is missed. I hope I can adjust this using my MiFlora Sensors for adding individual watering using Homey logic and flows.

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Some additional words to your question.
The Linktap hub is a gateway between your Wifi and the valve:
LinkTap cloud <= Wifi => Hub <= Propritary ZigBee => Linktap valve
All plans are stored localy in the valve (if I understood the manual right). So the cloud is not a big problem. During internet disconnects, the valve will continue the locally stored plans.

The Homey app uses the LinkTap API (Cloud-API). And Linktap is forwarding to your valve.
Homey <= Wifi => LinkTap cloud (API)

The app can only use the API functionality:

LinkTap is planning a local API (perhaps for the hub). We will see what’s possible then.

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Hi guys,

I’m actually seeking for hardware that Measures soil moisture and is compatible with homey. Gardena has a nice one, but bot -yet?- compatible with Gardena app… xiaomi has an indoor version, but i need an outdoor version.

Mu watering is pretty straight forward with a pump, only using a tradfri power switch. Turn pump on and off after xxx minutes, 5 o clock in the morning.

Without the sensor I ask myself in summer via Push: do you need watering tonight?

I’m using the Xiaomi MiFlora sensors outdoor (direct sun & rain).
I know, they are not built for, but who cares :slight_smile:
You can put some foil on the top. The temperature is anyway not the real value when you put them in direct sunlight.

The Xiaomis can communicate with Homey via Bluetooh using the HomeyApp.
My Homey is out of BT range. So I set uop an ESP32 which is polling via BT and pushing the values via Wifi to an MQTT server. Homey is getting the values using the MQTT client app and flows (MQTT subscription).

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Thanks for sharing, good to know that it is proven to work outdoors! Nevertheless I know my limitations when it come to mqtt and additional devices:-( so other suggestions for hardware are more than welcome!

@Wout_van_den_Dool Just curious. What limitations?

My competences in configuring / developing a MQTT setup and extra Bluetooth hub… Hopefully there are other solutions available :slight_smile:

Maybe @Adrian_Rockall is willing to develop a new app for MIYO? :wink:
I suspect that the available API is suitable.
But the MIYO system is not that cheap… :man_shrugging:t3:

It looks a bit expensive for me, especially as I have a good working system with LinkTap. The moisture sensors seem to be quite popular so hopefully LinkTap will have one at some point.

Adrian, you misunderstood me. You are not supposed to buy MIYO, but to program an app if @Wout_van_den_Dool is interested in MIYO and wants to buy it.
Wout is surely willing to support the app development with some bucks. :wink:


Yes great if you would build an app, but don’t know if you would only have one user:-)

Are you using Linktap and the gardena distributor to have different areas?