Garden watering

Thanks you very much for your advice.
I look also with solenoid valve and fibaro module like fgs224 to connect my 2 solenoid valve.
With meteo application and eventually moistur sensor i think it’s ok.
What do you think ?

If you’re interested, a cheap ass zigbee water valve E40,- (I don’t have one, but several Homey users do): Woox slim waterslot - ROBBshop

With that option you will also need to consider the power supply.
Also you won’t have the safety features or water usage information.
With the LinkTap you can just connect it to your current water lines and you have a fully working solution in a few minutes.

Yes i know but it’s a little expensive i found to manage 2 separatly ways… I don’t know really yet what i will do :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is exactly my setup (only with 1 valve).

I bought a solenoid valve in AliExpress, a simple ON/OFF module and made some (simple) rules with a meteo application!

Have you something to know water quantity used ?


I don’t find “Woox application” in Homey

You always have to buy a gateway to connect to Homey, or can you directly connect the G2S Link tape?

You need the Gateway as valves use a custom protocol on top of Zigbee so Homey can’t talk directly.

You can add the Woox valve by selecting the app Homey, and then ‘zigbee’.
Several owners confirmed this.
Also is reported it can be added via the Aqara Xiaomi zigbee app.

Ok and thank you … and where do I put the gateway? Outdoors right next to the valve? (is it battery powered?). Do you know if at Gardena it’s the same thing? Should we also buy the gateway or can we directly include the valve in Homey?

yes, but I can’t find the Homey application dedicated to Woox? (under what name do we find it?). And for Aqara in the Xiaomy directory I have to include which device? there are more than twenty!

The gateway will be indoors and connects to the mains via a USB power block. It also plugs into the network via a cable. The wireless range between the hub and the relays is pretty good. Each gateway can connect up to 15 relays, so only one is required for your application.

I haven’t used the Gardena as for me it was a lot more expensive £361 for Gardena compared to £232 for LinkTap. But as far as I can see you need the same, one gateway and two valves.

I asked Linktap if they had any experience of the Gardena system and got this reply.

  1. To use Gardena smart water timer, user also needs to buy a Gardena Gateway and two water timers. They are much more expensive than LinkTap’s.

  2. According to our German customers’ feedback, Gardena’s smart water timer is not that smart. It does not have as many features as ours.

  3. Our G1S/G2S have just arrived in EU. They are available in now.

I can also say from personal experience that LinkTap support is excellent and their product is really good quality.

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You have to add it as a homey generic zigbee device for now.
I have asked @johan_bendz to add it to his Tuya zigbee app

In homey there is the application LinkTap available.

Is it possible ta add moisture sensor ?


There isn’t a sensor that links directly to the LinkTap but one could be added to Homey and used to control the LinkTap via flows.

hello, can you be more specific? if you have a Zigbee device that doesn’t have a Homey app, what do you do? you open the application “zigbee Tuya” but: and after ???