Funny, (probably) not usefull: chromecast can cast 2 streams at the same time

Funny thing happened to me today.

When changing flows I have the habit to duplicate and disable first. So I can easily revert to the old.

I was going to change my “radio” flow but after duplication I forgot to disable.

So I had two flows running at the same trigger both casting a tunein radio station to the same chromecast.

Strange thing was, both flows executed and caused my chromecast to “echo”. It was actually playing two streams at the same time.

Cant think of anything usefull, but maybe someone can use it.
Otherwise its just a fun-fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Had this a lot of Times when a flow was triggered twice.
Also you cant disable the stream with a voice command :frowning:
Had to force stop it via the Google home app