Cast a text to Google - stops casted media after broadcasting

Hi guys,

I use the Cast a text to Google app in some flows to annouce certain information, but if I’m already casting either music or podcasts from spotify or a radio station from TuneIn once the app broadcasts what is supposed to, the previous media does not continue playing and I have to manually turn it on again from my phone or via voice assistant which is annoying because I used the app in quite some flows and scenarios during the day and I have something playing almost all the time.

Is there any way to avoid making the casted text via this app stop the media, so it continues playing automatically once the broadcast is finished?

This is a very long time ‘flaw’ so to speak. I never read about a workaround or anything. It probably is the way the Google products work.
You can drop the dev Dennie @denniedegroot a note, maybe there’s some possibilities.

What a pitty :confused: When I use broadcasting via native Google home routines there isn’t this problem and it is kind of an overlay, not even pausing the media, just lowering its volume for the duration of the broadcast and then it continues playing at previous volume. But that of course cannot be part of Homey flows.

Maybe you can try zone memory.
I have no idea if it will work but maybe with a a bit trail and error it will do.

I tried it but does not work sadly.

It was worth the try.

I might have a workaround that at least works for me.

I placed my homey on top of my google home mini and have the homey say message
“heey google [google home trigger]”.

And in google home I created an automation with the [google home trigger] that has an action for sending message over all my google home speakers.

The result is that while speakers are streaming music the google home lowers volume of the stream then says the message and after that the stream continues on the old volume again.

I use this when my washing machine is finished and the have homey say “heey google washing machine is ready” and in google home I use this trigger to send out the message over all my google home speakers.

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