From Jeedom to Homey - Question on Zwave

Hi All,

I am a Jeedom user but I am really interested to go on Homey. The simplicity and great look interface is key for me, and Jeedom is full of possibility but really not user friendly (especially on mobile/ipad).

I have some questions before switching regarding Zwave Latency.

I have some Z-wave Fibaro Dimmer Module for my lights. What I want to do is have a different intensity of light depending of the hour. Day light 100%, night light 30% for example.

The problem with Jeedom is the latency, when I press the wall switch, the light goes on and 2 or 3 seconds later the Jeedom scenario is taking place and dim the light to the percentage required.

It seems to be often the case with Jeedom, because the hardwire platform is no well optimised.

Do you find some latency in Zwave with homey? Do someone is doing it the way I want to do?

thanks a lot

When you built your zwave network properly i do not notice any annoying latency. You can have some latency when making flows that are somehow difficult. For this I mean when you have many operators at the THEN part. To be sure that your flow works well you need to add some delays. On the other hand Homey is still improving and this means the flows keep on becoming shorter and shorter( ability to use rooms makes many flows a lot shorter). So my opinion is that zwave is quit stable without annoyng latency’s. Building a good zwave network needs some routers (All non battery operated devices.)