Friends of Hue switches

I posted this as a reply in the Q&A section, but I think it fits more in the devices section.

Current status: Friends of Hue switches can be added as Hue Tap switches.

The integration of Friends of Hue switches in Homey is far from finished. See my explanation below.

The FoH switch uses the same switch mechanism as the Hue Tap. It is used for giving commands to the Hue HUB to switch Hue devices. That’s where the similarity ends.

The FoH switches have a solid integration in the Hue app and are recognised as distinct entities. They have a different layout from the (somehow awkward) Hue Tap and present themselves as classic wall switches with double rockers (and sometimes as an option a single rocker). Each button has a double function (short press/long press), where the long press can be used for things like dimming.

I would propose two steps in improved integration in Homey

  1. Reflect the double rocker layout of the switches, so it is immediately clear which button you are referring to.
  2. Integrate the short press/long press functionality

There are a number of varieties in FoH switches, aimed at or released by of for some of the main electric installation material suppliers such as Busch-Jaeger, Niko and Gira (by Senic). These integrate very well into their layout of wall sockets, classic switches etc. For the Hue app they are all identical though.


May I add a 3nd option? :sweat_smile:

Add the functionality when 2 buttons pressed at the same time.

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Tried it today and the biggest issue (for me) is the missing long-press event :frowning:

I think I’ll have to go the Shelly Plus i4 way, which means drilling a hole (in-wall mounting) and buying the Gira frames etc. separately (Gira 0147 00, 0295 03, …). Also, you need to know someone who can install it for you (230V!) - so all in all way more complex, but also no compromises regarding functionality.

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We use the Senic Friends of Hue wallswitch. It has the same issues. And its very slow comparred with Hue. Please Homey: solve this.

Is there any progress on that ?
Delay is very annoying, this setup is far from optimal.