Flows for Yeelight bulbs and Xiaomi Ceiling

Hello all,

I’m a starter altough I own my homey already several months.
Athom says making flows is easy but for me it’s a challenge :slight_smile:
For the “WAF” factor it’s better to make some efforts.
Perhaps you guys can help me with some flows.

Q 1: How to make a flow for my Xiaomi Ceiling light?

The Ceiling light has many options. It starts from almost zero brightness in 1700 Kelvin, which looks like moonlight and it ends with maximum brightness in 6500 Kelvin which looks like a sunny day.
What I want is the following.
In day time my Aqara Human Body sensor should turn on the Ceiling with a timer.
While sleeping the Ceiling should be in the moonlight modus.
Then, in the morning on week days at 6:00 o’clock the Ceiling should start a sunrise modus.
I tried all of this with time settings and a timer but this doesn’t work smooth.

Q 2: How to make a sunrise and sunset flow for a Yeelight Bulb RGB?

I tried to make a sunset flow by setting “Wijzig Helderheid Over Tijd”. There I have three option, 1 “Terug naar oorspronkelijke staat”, 2 “Behoud staat” and 3 “Licht uit”. What came out is too much messy and confusing.
In the morning I want a sunrise flow for 15 minutes and after one hour it should turn off.
In the night I want a sunset flow, but that one should be activated manually on the Yeelight app or by voice on the Homey app.

Thank you in advance.

A1 you have to create a lot of different flows for this. And do a bit experimenting with them. The term Moonlight mode sunrise mode are available in the yeelight app i think but they these scenes are not available on homey. So you have to make them yourself. I cant tell you exactly what to do you Just have to do some trail and error with this. The best thing about is you will learn alot about how things work and why things do what they do.

For the when sleeping flow its pretty straight forward i think. When motion is detected and aanwezigheid someone is sleeping etc set the light to specific values of your choice. Keep in mind you have to activate aanwezigheid sleeping somehow.

I do use the wijzig helderheid card. I use it to dim a light before turning it off when the door is closed. I have used these settings.

But again just try some settings to see what Suits you best.

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Thank you for your reply.

Could you tell me how I get to these card settings? What / where is the step before this card?

I know I have to look in the settings of the Yeelight bulb. The point is that I don’t see anything like your card. Does that mean you have a different app?

Q3, How to disable a body sensor by using a switch.
In the living room it’s not useful to use a body sensor. Watching TV makes to less movements to keep the light on.
My idea is to use a switch for the cosy moments and the body sensor for those moments you need only light for a minute.
What now happens is that the timer of the body sensor turns of the lights after several minutes.
I guess that I’ve to make a Boolean, but how.
Anybody some suggestions and maybe examples?

Roy, thanks for your straight reply.
I own my Homey since May 26.
Although it says adding flows is easy, for me it’s not that easy.
I’m learning every day new things but still some flows are too complicated to me.
Still I’m happy with my Homey :blush:
For example, how do I avoid my body sensor taking over my switch?
Can you give me a straight reply to that question?

Well, one solution can be that when u use the switch u turn off the body sensor flow.
WHEN switch is pushed THEN turn of body sensor flow.
U only need a way to turn the flow on again.
Can also been done in a flow again:
WHEN time is 23.59 THEN turn body sensor flow on.

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The screen was taken from the homey preview app on android.

Perhaps also the other way is possible.
When I turn the lights off with the switch the body sensor starts again.
Tonight I’m going to try to add this to my flows.

That’s how it works now.
Left button lights on 30% dimmed and body sensor flow off;
Right button on 60% dimmed and body sensor flow off;
Both buttons on means lights off and body sensor on again.
This works fine for now.
Now I’m gonna look for a nice dimmer which fits my Jung or Gira set.

Thanks for helping guys! I’m happy :smile:

Ah, I see. I’m on Apple and Homey doesn’t have a preview for it.
Thanks for your reply.

Q4, Anyone who can help me with two Aqara motion sensors in one flow?
Whatever trigger I put as first the light doesn’t turn on.
I have put the sensors in “or” position.
The point is that from one sensor the counter starts running and from the other one not. When I look into the tags it says the tag is on but the countdown doesn’t start.