Flow with multiple steps and wait for sensors

I’m interesting in buying an Homey for my home automation. What I can’t figure out is if there is an way to create an flow with multiple steps. Like this:

Trigger to start flow:

  • Disable alarm and turn on lights
  • Wait for the front door to open
  • Then wait for the front door te close again
  • Then turn on the alarm an turn off the lights

Is this possible?

Not directly. But you can make a statemachine based on a variable and multiple flows. For example, you could:

flow #1: if (alarm disabled) then turn on lights, set state = 1
flow #2: if (front door opens) and (state = 1) then state = 2
flow #3: if (font door closes) and (state = 2) then turn alarm on, switch off lights, state = 0

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