Flow "Then" section doesn't work as expected

Hi guys,

I created a flow that activates via a multi-switches device (a Sonoff 4CH) some water pumps, during night, every other day. I supposed that

  • activating the first switch (Switch 1 On),
  • turning it off after 40 minutes (Switch 1 Off),
  • switching on the second switch (Switch 2 On)
  • and then turning it off (Switch 2 Off) after another 40 minutes,

would have done - - - in sequence - - - these actions. But this procedure triggers the two switches at the same time…

Am I missing anything about the logic? Is there some way to instruct Homey to do an action after other, or do I have to split the “Then” events in two separate flows?
Here is my flow:

All actions in the Then section are started simultaneously. So to do what you want in sequence you would have to setup the delay for the switch 2 on to 40 mins and switch 2 off to 80 minutes.
Alternatively you can create two flows and trigger the second flow when the switch 1 state changes to off.
Also you might want to look at the countdown and timer apps to see if they help do what you want.

Edit: The advantages of the countdown and timers apps is they can be cancelled where the delays can’t.

Thank you very much, Adrian_Rockall! Very fast!

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