Flow: Roller Shutter down if expected temperature is above

I would like to make a flow for closing my RTS Roller Shutters if the expected outside temperature (not the actual temperature) will be above 23 degrees . How do I make that flow?

Temp is changed and is (logic card) greater then 23 then close roller shutter.

Edit. I see now you need the expected temp🤔. If you have a tag with that expected temp you can use that, but guess you need a wheater app that provide that info. And not sure they do, you have to look at it

Yes, but then the roller shutter will close not earlier than when the actual temperature is above 23 degrees. What I want is that they close if the expected temperature of that day will be higher than 23 degrees.

While your typing, already edit my post. I was to fast with reading the original post :+1:

I found this app. I think ‘verwachte hoogste dagtemperatuur’ is useful. But what do I have to use with ‘When’?

Or do I have to make another type of flow?

I made this flow, but when I test it, it says there is an error. Don’t know why.

Not sure, but looks like there is no data, al the fields in the first picture are empty!!! maybe wait a while if the value needs to update. You also can look if there a logic cards (tags) do they have any value in it?

Get a key here. Make a flow with Better logic. Make a better logic variable and call it whatever u like. Make a trigger at any time of the day. For the THEN part we pick the HTTP flow card: GetJSONpath Better Logic. Top txt will be:
Plz change “demo” with ur own key and change the location.

2nd txt will be:

At the end u find the variable u just created.
There u have the expected temp for today in a flow.

If u want the max temp for tomorrow pick d1tmax :wink:

Now u can create a flow with a time trigger AND logic tag>23 THEN…

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I don’t have experience with Better logic yet. I downloaded the app, but don’t know how to make the flow. Don’t know how the app works. I do have the api key from weerlive.

Here is a little explanation of how to create a variable with the better logic app.

I tried this but at choosing the better logic card I can’t find getJson card. Any ideas?

My mistake. The card is from the HTTP request flow cards app.

Three days down the drain😈

Just kidding🤗

Thx this looks very promising. Nice for my gardening flows and maybe my roller shutters.

:+1:Does work, very nice​:ok_hand:

I went a different route in closing my roller shutters. I have no success either. I tried it like it
If: the time is 10:00 (standard date and time app)
And: the highest day temp is >28°c (darksky)
Then: set dim lvl to 5% (fibaro)

The strange part is, when I test it, the temperature passes but the time doesn’t. Not even when I set my if card to the current time. Any tips?

Is this the highest measured- or the highest expected temperature?.

Expected highest temperature. Looks like my time is off In homey. Can I check it somewhere?

Do you press the test button? In that case It skips the IF part, it tests the AND and THEN part.

Need a moment. It seems that my roller shutter is stuck… xD

Oke, I tried to make the flow as mentioned above. What is the following step?

This is the English part of the forum so you should ask your questions in English.
What you did in the screenshot is to have the temperature put into the Better Logic variable. In the When field you could input a card like (at 6:00) or (every 60 minutes) or something like that so the variable gets updates at least once every day (at the beginning of the day).
Then you’ll need a second flow where you compare the temperature in the variable and based on that close your roller shutter.