Flow parameters gone when device is removed

Hey Homeys!

So one thing that is a real pain is that when a device is removed from Homey the parameters in flows it’s involved in disappears.

For example: I have a couple of flows involving the temperature in my sauna. These flows get the value from a 433 MHz temperature/humidity sensor. Since the 433 MHz stuff are not super reliable sometimes it happens that the sensor needs to be re paired with Homey, also when changing batteries in the sensor. When this happens all that is left in the flows is “Card missing” or something like that. So unless you have a super memory, or take notes what the parameters are before removing the sensor, you have to guess what parameters and value you had.

Wouldn’t it be possible for the value to still be there in the flow card but with a warning that the card points to a non existent device?

Lets say that my temperature sensor is called “Sauna temp” and I had a condition set to “When temperature becomes greater than 75°”. If I have to re pair the sensor the card could say something like: “Unknown device” but the condition could still be there "“When temperature becomes greater than 75°”. This way it would be really easy just to right click on the card and find the newly paired device to replace the non working one.

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The same goes for device-if cards. Some devices/apps are so bad, you need to remove and readd the device. From the missing device card it’s quite hard to remember what it was. I covered that with a lot of note-cards.

I guess Athom isnt changing it anytime soon, so you can make a bunch of back-up variables and write the value in it.

That’s a good idea! I’ll start doing that. :+1: I have named some flows with the value, but some flows are complex with several values so it’s not possible to include all in the name.

All that shouldn’t be needed in my opinion. It can’t be that hard to code the cards to keep all information even if the device is gone or malfunctioning for any other reason.

If you use this script then you can repair the flows with the device you re-add.
Each device has his own ID.
You need the old and new ID and this script.

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