Flow only executing 6-12 till 07-01 Better solution asked

Which way can i make a flow that executes from 6-12 till 7-01. I tried to use; month is december and days between 05 and 31, but in that case 31 does not trigger the flow. Tried between 05 and 1, but the flow also did not execute. Also want the flow to execute in January. Tried the month is January and days between 1 and 7, but in that case 01 january does not trigger the flow.

This is the solution i came up, but it can imagine that there is a better solution.

The simplest way would be to create 2 additional flows.
Flow 1
When day is 06.12.
Then activated Flow :christmas_tree:

When day is 07.01
Then deactivate Flow :christmas_tree:

Yeah i like that solution. I was suprised i couldn’t make it with the between days. :christmas_tree:

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Not sure why you can not … but i can sellect DATE “in between”

I would say
If someone is home
And Date between blah blah
Then turn on Christmas tree

Problem in that case is that you have to change it every year. I want the flow automatically run on those days, despite off the year.

You could also just program 2 flows which go on/off all year long. My christmas tree is simply not there outside this period hence it could never ever turn on even if a flow tells it to…

Or you cold use week numbers, which are the same every year and unaffected by weekdays which change each year.

You are really lazy :wink:

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