Flow for days between two dates

Ok so I’m trying to create a flow for a scene button, it would be triggered by pressing the scene button and depending on the date it would trigger a different scene. My question is how would i set a conditions for the “between dates” without setting the year? I know there is card to choose between two dates, but it forces me to choose a year so i would have to constantly have to change the year to make them work.

Work around:

Create a yes/no variable and change the value on a certain date.

Check the value when pressing the button:

Seems like a good idea, i would just have to create a variable for every different holiday on the year. I just figured there would be a way to ignore the year value in the card, nevertheless your suggestion does actually work, thanks!

If it’s for holidays you should also look at the excellent IcalCalendar App for Homey | Homey

If it’s public holidays you’re looking for you can often find online calendars with these in which you can subscribe to using the app. Or for other holidays you can create and share a calendar of your own