Flow detecting a double click

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I wanted to find some help with a flow I’m trying to create.

I have a qubino flush dimmers (ZMNHDD1) controlling the light from my house entrance.

I would like to create a flow to turn off all the light of the house when I double click the switch next to my door.

But I don’t have a card for the double click for this device…

Would it be possible to do it with another way?

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Probably with the help of Logic. Make two yes/no variables in Logic, name: Click 1 and Click 2

Name: Flow 1, When qubino is clicked, and Logic variable Click 1 is not yes, Then set variable, Click 1 to yes, set variable Click 1 to no with a 5 sec delay

Name: Flow 2, When qubino is clicked, And Logic variable Click 1 is yes, Then set a variable, Click 2 to yes, start a flow Flow 3 with 1 sec delay, set variable Click 2 to no with a 5 sec del

Name flow 3, When this flow is started, AND variable, Click 1 is yes and variable Click 2 is yes Then turn off all the lights, else turn on the lights in the doorway

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Thank you for your help, just tried this at home but unfortunately there is no card for detecting click nether.

Actually I have a card to detect the change of intensity level.

My light are not dimmable but I set the minimum value to 98% and the max value to 99.

With this I created a card : if the intensity is changed (that I do by pushing the button one second) then all light off.

It is working well even if the dim change by only 1%.

But now, if I switch to on or to off the entrance light with a simply touch of the button, it also turn off all the light…

What kind of logic could I do to prevent that?

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I found how to to it, if this can help some readers :

So I created a numerical variable “ROOM” in logic = 1.

Then created a first flow : When intensity level is changed, and the light is ON, then define the variable ROOM to “power” of the qubino DIN. Start Flow 2 after 1 sec.

Then for the second flow : When this flow is started, and the variable ROOM = “power” of the qubino DIN, Then Stop all the lights and set variable ROOM to 1. Or set variable ROOM to 1.

There is a little delay when i hold the button to see all the light power off but that’s fine.

The only thing is if the entrence light is off, I first have to switch it to ON first.

it’s frustrating to see that the Qubino DIN don’t have a card to detect a click or a double click…

Is it not possible to create new cards ?

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