Flinq LED Candles

Hello, does anyone know how to pair candles with Homey? These candles work with a remote control. I’ve installed the application and brought the candles close to Homey, but nothing happens. I assume it works through Homey’s infrared (IR), but since I’ve never used the IR feature, I don’t understand how to proceed.


What type Homey do you have?

This app just copied the IR code from the developer. Nothing to pair, just play

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How do we do it?

What have you tried?

I installed the application and added it via “New”. The icon appears correctly with various possible uses. However, when I click, for example, on “Turn on”, nothing happens, even with the candles next to the Homey. I assume it’s normal because I haven’t configured the candle remote to the Homey. I don’t know how to do that.

The same here.

Hi all, fun fact: These candles were in our Christmas Package this year, a colleauge wrote the App :crazy_face:

You really need to hold the Homey right next to the candles before they work, they are really picky with picking up the IR signal. It’s a limitation of the candles unfortunately.

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Oké, i will give it a try. Thanks.