Flic Twist coming soon

There is a coming a new product from Flic. The Flic Twist
Flic Twist Sneak Peek


This is exactly the device I’ve been looking for! Any idea when an app will be available for Homey which supports this?

This was in the latest news letter of Athom.
But the app is working with webhooks, I can’t get it working at the moment.

You’ll need the flic hub for this. If you don’t have a flic hub, web request can control your button.

I have a hub. But no way To connect to the hub. You can add a flic button but it will only work with webhooks

When you start the hub withe the flic app you have the option to choose Homey flows. Not from within Homey but within the flic app for your flic hub.

Wow! How could I miss that. Thank you very much for your help. Gonna try it tonight :slight_smile:

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