Fix Homey Insight diagram view when used from iPad and iPhone Safari browser

When using Insights from iPad and iPhone Safari browser and you click in a diagram to view a specific time, you only get a 0.5 second glimpse of the data from that excact time.

Would like this functionality to work the same way as on a PC browser (Edge, Chrome etc), here the data of the exact time does not disappear again when clicking around in the diagram.

Kind regards & keep up the good workโ€‹:rocket::raised_hands:t3:

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That is something that you would have to ask Athom:

This is a community (user) forumโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

Had a small hope they would be reading this forum to get inspiration from user comments and be user driven in their development. It is not a fault, they need to develop / improve Insights further.

Did you contact the support?
The problem still exists.

Yes, I have done it twice.
I have added screen shots and detailed descriptions, even recorded a small video.

But nothing happens, not even a reply. Very frustraiting.