FitBit to see if someone is awake

My Girlfriend has just bought herself a fitbit watch, and i was wondering if it is possible to couple the state of activity which the watch keeps track of to homey.

In this way it might be possible to detect when she’s awake, sleeping, and set homey’s status to these triggers.

Or lowering the temperature of the house when she’s cleaning and the heart rate rises. (just an example).

Has anyone of you tried something like this before?

Edit 2018-09-14 / 13:05

Exact watch type is:
Fitbit Charge II

Home assistant allready has some of these functionallities:

Problem with this is that Home assistant has a python base (i believe).

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Hi @Bart_Teunissen did you find a way to just do wat you want?
I think the fitbit doesn’t have a state which will say its user is asleep.
So you need to check if the minutes asleep are getting higher then the last reading. In this case that could be hard if we can just check the data only once every 30 minutes (it will become quit slow)

I woud love this too. Currently I’m a bit short in time (studying next to my job), but I see any hobby time I will look in to this.

No, i did not find a solution, i did make a IFTTT account, but it kinda stopped there (work) and the update to 2.0 gave me other priorities. This is still verry much on my to-do lis though.