Firmware update of devices in Homey

It’s not just about Homey / Athom, which should make updates from other manufacturers. It’s more of a fundamental problem. Other multi-smart home centers have the same problem.
It shouldn’t matter which controller I use. If I have 3 lamps from Ikea and 2 from Phillips plus a Xiaomi motion detector or a doorbell door lock etc. I cannot buy a central unit for every manufacturer.
My big problem was that many connections could be used together in one place, e.g. via Google Home, but not when the Internet was gone or the delay via the cloud lasted more than 1-2 seconds. You press a switch and the signal goes halfway around the world and then comes back to turn on the light. And hence the Homey Pro to have direct connections.
Functionality, speed, security. You need all of that in a smart home. And firmware updates are an important part. And manufacturers probably block that on purpose. This is the only way you can force users not to use other systems but to buy as much as possible from one and the same provider. But no provider covers everything. So you MUST combine providers.
More control centers mean more electronic waste, more power consumption, etc.
It can’t go on like this. When more and more simple households and users are added, it adds up enormously.
And since such basic things should work better.